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Stories 1-11 of 462 from last 30 days matching San Francisco, CA [UNDO]
Hornblower Hybrid Begins Ferry Service on San Francisco Bay
EV World | 17 Dec 2008
The vessel has undergone a retrofit, repower and refurbishmentover in a Bayside Boatworks in Sausalito, CA.
A Big Green Tax Cut; San Francisco Intensifies Solar Grant Efforts | 13 Jun 2008
San Francisco is looking to get off the grid and save money with a vast solar push.
Taking tiny steps toward capturing the power of wind / San Francisco startup offers small turbines a...
San Francisco Chronicle | 24 Jun 2007
On many afternoons, the wind saws so strongly through Chris Beaudoin's neighborhood above the Castro district that he can lean directly into it and not fall over. So, after 20 years of watching the trees whip and bundling up in thick sweaters to walk the...
Westin San Francisco Airport: ENERGY STAR
Energy Star
The ENERGY STAR Labeled Building Profile for Westin San Francisco Airport
Electric-Vehicle Charging Stations for San Francisco
New York Times | 19 Feb 2009
Mayor Gavin Newsom unveils charging stations in front of City Hall -- the first step in becoming, he and other Bay Area mayors say, the "electric-vehicle capital of the U.S."
Solar bus shelters for San Francisco
CNET | 4 Jun 2009
Mayor hopes to have 1,100 energy-efficient bus shelters in place by the end of 2013.
SAN FRANCISCO / Neighborhoods win against housing plan in an appeals ruling
San Francisco Chronicle | 26 Jun 2007
The housing blueprint that San Francisco adopted three years ago could lead to increased neighborhood density, more traffic and extra pollution, and is invalid because the city failed to study the environmental consequences, a state appeals court has ruled.
San Francisco Bay to be electric car capital
Guardian Unlimited | 22 Nov 2008
Officials in California have unveiled ambitious plans to turn the San Francisco Bay area - home to 7.6 million people - into one of the world's leading centres for electric vehicles.If it succeeds, the strategy will see billions of dollars poured into a power infrastructure that will turn the...